The Future Is Now

Times have changed and the norms and values of society with it. The focus on creating value through sustainable means has become the goal of many businesses and individuals.

Adjusting and changing our habits and mind set is not done overnight, it takes time, therefore the future is now, we need to start changing now in order to provide for future generations. There are many advantages with leading a sustainable lifestyle, it will actually save you a great deal of money in the long term. While having a good affect on the environment. Sustainability is no longer about compromising and having to give up comfort for the greater good and the future of the planet. Today sustainability has developed and we have the knowledge and technology to create beautiful, comfortable, functional and sustainable products.

Phasing out plastic entirely by providing the world with bio-based alternatives

Having a positive impact on the world by empowering stakeholders to become part of the movement towards a brighter future.

Creative Spark

Natural Tableware offers more than bio-based disposable tableware, we offer brand experience with practical products and attractive design that adds additional value to any dining situation. Combined with the continuous desire to innovate, we aim to light a creative spark within all parties involved, both business and social.


Natural Tableware provides products made from organic and renewable sources. We set an example through educating our partners and users by being transparent with every aspect of our business, thus empowering everyone involved in the processes.

By empowering partners and users, we involve these groups in our business and really underpin the importance of the green alternative. We want people to apply this in more aspects of their lives, making it a new standard and phase out the use of plastic disposables, working together towards a cleaner, more sustainable future.


By being a reliable partner and going the extra mile, we invite our partners and clients to become part of our collaborative mindset, to create new products that add to the dining experience of our users. Natural Tableware takes ownership of collaborative projects and creates strong relationships with clients and stake-holders, whilst never losing focus on the objective of striving for a healthier environment.

Our Team


Thomas Kascha

Bart Voorvaart

Caroline Burman

Angela Castelli