We want to prevent this prediction from becoming a reality, therefore we are phasing out single use plastics one by one. Plastic straws are just one of many single – use plastics that end up in the ocean, polluting the water and harming sea life. We offer natural alternatives to plastic straws, so you can help us prevent this from happening.

Design & Inspiration

Natural Straws consists a wide selection of drinking straws made from various natural materials, with the goal to phase out plastic straws. In order for any hospitality business or user to find the straws that fit their brand, we offer straws in different sizes and designs. The materials used are paper, wheat and Mater-Bi.


Our Natural Straws are sourced in European or Chinese factories that we have longstanding collaborations with. Next to paper and wheat straws, we also source Mater-Bi straws, which are made from vegetable starch. Thanks to our collaborations we are able to keep the lowest prices on the market.


Depending on the material and design of the straws the packaging quantity differs. The most common packaging quantity is 250 pcs per / pack, quantities that suit high volume users perfectly.


 NameCodeSpecsUnits per sleeve
Natural Paper StrawsNSPB156HiBlack Cocktail Straw 150*6 mm250 pcs
Natural Paper StrawsNSPB206HiBlack Straw 197*6 mm250 pcs
Natural Paper StrawsNSPB208HiBlack Straw 197*8 mm250 pcs
Natural Paper StrawsNSPW208HiWhite Straw 197*8 mm250 pcs
Natural Paper StrawsNSPW218HiWhite Straw 210*8 mm250 pcs
Natural Paper StrawsNSPG208HiGrey Striped Straw 197*8 mm250 pcs
Natural Paper StrawsNSPR208HiRed Striped Straw 197*8 mm250 pcs