Truewood is a collection of utensils made from sustainable bamboo and FSC wood. 

The collection consists of 23 references ranging from wooden cutlery, wooden skewers and small dishes as well as bamboo utensils and pinchers. Truewood is a collaboration between Natural Tableware and Goodcare International Ltd. Truewood is an example of the collaboration services we offer, together with Goodcare we have created our own brand based on their products.  

Design & Inspiration

In this collection you will find a wide range of wooden products from classically designed cutlery to wooden serving pieces in various shapes and sizes as well as other utensils for every occasion. All references are made from sustainably sourced FSC Wood and Bamboo. The references carry a simple design making them an excellent choice for a wise range of occasions.


Truewood is a collaboration between Natural Tableware and Goodcare International Ltd.

We work in close collaboration with all our partners and end-users to ensure mutual benefits.


The packaging of Truewood varies depending on the product and comes wrapped in loose transparent packaging with a brown label.


 NameCodeSpecsUnits per sleeve
ForksGW- 2404160 x 26 x 1,8 mm100 pcs
SpoonsGW-2405160 x 34 x 1,8 mm100 pcs
KnivesGW-2406165 x 22 x 1,8 mm100 pcs
Ice Cream SpoonGW-241795 x 17 x 1,5 mm100 pcs
Fries Fork SmallGW-250285 mm2000 pcs
Fries Fork LargeGW-2507140 mm1000 pcs
Coffee StirrerGW-2908140 mm1000 pcs
Round ContainerGW-3001Ø 92 x 33 mm50 pcs
Boat SmallGW-300770 x 40 mm100 pcs
Boat MediumGW-3015115 x 70 mm100 pcs
Boat LargeGW-3017170 x 97 mm100 pcs
Cone SmallGW-3028Ø 30 x 60 mm50 pcs
Cone MediumGW-3029Ø 50 x 90 mm50 pcs
Square Tray SmallGW-303450 x 50 mm50 pcs
Square Tray MediumGW-303280 x 80 mm50 pcs
Bamboo Skewer SmallGW-B101/9090 mm100 pcs
Bamboo Skewer MediumGW-B101/120120 mm100 pcs
Bamboo Skewer LargeGW-B101/150150 mm100 pcs
Bamboo Double teeth SkewerGW-B10390 mm100 pcs
Bamboo Pincher SmallGW-B109/9090 mm100 pcs
Bamboo Pincher MediumGW-B109/120120 mm100 pcs
Bamboo Skewer Lux SmallGW-B120/9090 mm100 pcs
Bamboo Skewer Lux MediumGW-B120/90120 mm100 pcs