Premium Brands

Natural Tableware manufactures innovative and strong bio-based disposable tableware designed by talented designers. Our premium brands consist of several collections of disposables tableware made of various natural materials. 

Our brands are market leaders in their segments due to the unrivaled design, high quality and beneficial price point. Using sustainable disposable tableware comes with many advantages and enables the end-user to save money on energy, staff, transportation and other logistics. 

Michelin star chefs consequently chose to work with our premium tableware at functions outside of the restaurant kitchen. Today, Natural Tableware disposables are present at culinary events all over the world. Natural Tableware offer the premium brands directly to end users but also partners up with wholesalers and re-sellers, together we can phase out plastic disposables. 

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Custom Solutions

This fast growing division was created to assist our clients in developing their own custom-made disposables. Innovative and sustainable packaging  enables them to distinct themselves from competition. Natural Tableware also believes that great sustainable packaging protects your brand, supports your sustainability values and supports your social responsibility. 

Our customers have specific demands which can’t be fulfilled by standard tableware. Since we do not only source but also manufacture most of the tableware offer our custom solutions are more economically interesting compared to off-the-shelf products 

Natural Tableware disposables enables you to communicating your brand message or brand identity on your disposables, whether you need 100%  tailor made solution or just branded generic disposables Natural Tableware is your partner.

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The need for sustainable disposables is growing every day. More countries are forming new laws and regulations banning plastic disposables, event organizations are also taking action restricting participants from using plastic disposables.

Natural Tableware offer the natural alternative, bio based disposables that will help phase out plastic disposables.

With the growing demand for sustainable disposables Natural Tableware started collaborating with factories that manufacture high volume disposables with a more classic look. These collaborations allows you to by directly from the producer, cutting out middlemen and holding down costs.

Contract caterers, food truck, culinary event organizers and festivals are frequent users of this kind of disposable. These collaborations is the “high way” to phasing out plastic disposables.

Natural Tableware partners up with all major professional resellers and wholesalers throughout Europe and the US to offer our well balanced portfolio of market leaders.

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